Pest Control with a Conscience

Integrated Pest Management: Achieving balance with nature

As the world becomes more and more ecologically enlightened, so has Acenitec. For many years, we’ve sought to conduct business in a way that’s in balance with nature. This is no small feat, because we are inherently trying to keep nature – or certain parts of nature – at bay.

Whether it’s venomous spiders, termites, mosquitos or any other unwanted, harmful pests, we’re creating barriers, traps and protocols to eliminate them. But there are, in fact, beneficial organisms that we try to avoid, including those that are predatory on truly harmful pests, and those that help pollinate our crops and oxygen-producing plant life.

Integrated Pest Control means balancing efficacy with environmental concerns

Gary Roberts - Acenitec Pest Control and Lawn Services President

“Anyone who cares about our environment and our earth should be concerned about how we use pesticides, herbicides and fertilization products.”

Gary Roberts, Acenitec President


Once dry, our treatments are harmful only to insects that walk on it

Three-month residual life eliminates any long-term impacts


Outdoor chemical barriers are only placed around the near perimeter of your home

Mosquito pesticides are only placed where mosquitos are likely to reproduce or rest – not the entire yard, because this can kill beneficial pollinators. Again, prevention is the goal

Lawn Treatments

Herbicides are far less toxic than insecticides

Pre-emergents are more environmentally friendly than post-emergents

Pre-emergents are more environmentally friendly than post-emergents


There’s a lot you can do to limit pest problems without any chemicals at all. Check out some of our suggestions in Insect Intelligence.

Green Options

Acenitec offers green, environmentally friendly treatment options such as botanicals. Contact us to learn more about these.