Give Your Soil The Nutrients It Needs With Soil-Maximizer

Fall and Winter drought conditions, mixed with late-season hard freezes, can cause widespread sporadic damage to landscapes. A fertilizer program alone will not help if your soil doesn’t already have adequate microbes. Using Soil-Maximizer in conjunction with a fertilizer program (like our 6-step program) can stabilize your soil, condition your soil to increase water retention, save you water and money, and get your lawn thriving again.

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Prevent and Treat Your Lawn For Grubs With Pest Control Service

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is a yearlong process. The Acenitec team is here to take the challenge out of planning and executing proper lawn care. We take on weeding, fertilizing, lawn treatments and pest control, so you can focus on enjoying the outdoors.

By planning lawn treatments strategically, we prep your yard to withstand scorching Oklahoma summers, and weather tough winters. In addition assuring your landscape’s health, we also prevent unwelcome intruders to take hold of your well-maintained yard.

In the late spring and summer months, the most prevalent lawn pests are grubs, I.E. the larval stage of several beetles. These bugs – which love thick grass and tree shrubs – eat and kill grass roots, and leave large sections of spongy, dead soil in their wake. This season, we can make sure that this will not happen to your yard. Schedule your pest control treatment with us in the late spring or early summer to effectively treat your lawn for grubs. We will also re-seed damaged patches and water after treatment.

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Stop Weeds In Their Tracks With Post-Emergent Herbicide

Whereas pre-emergent herbicides prevent seeds from sprouting into plants, post-emergent herbicides control and kill existing weeds in a lawn. That being said, timing is critical – the best success comes from treating young weeds that are still actively growing, as more mature weeds may take multiple treatments to die.

Acenitec recommends scheduling a treatment with us as soon as possible, so we can stop these weeds from growing as quickly as possible and prevent new ones from sprouting up.

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We are a full service lawn care and pest control service for Edmond, Norman and the greater OKC metro. Our signature weed control and fertilization programs assure your home’s curb appeal reflects the pride you have in your property. Proper tree and lawn care is about more than just mowing and pruning. It’s a well-planned year-round strategy that keeps your landscape healthy with the seasons. Allow us to elevate your yard care to the next level.

Why not call the best to bring out the best in your yard? We are experts at caring for trees and shrubs and even have an experienced arborist on our team. This commitment to expert-level service – every job, every time – is why Acenitec has been maintaining lawns throughout the OKC metro since 1947.


Now is the time to tackle your lawn care setting the stage for a beautiful outdoor season. But lawn care alone won’t assure a healthy yard. With the great outdoors come uninvited guests. Our pest control programs are effective, yet safe and gentle on your home and family. We combat any pest, specializing in the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System and other green methods. Acenitec pest control services are also available in Norman and Edmond. There is a reason why we are among the best, not only in Oklahoma City, but throughout the greater metro area.

Acenitec provides complete care for your landscape and your home anywhere in the Oklahoma City metro. Call us at (405) 942.6321. We’ll put our decades of experience to work for you.