With Acenitec, your trees and shrubs will be in expert hands. Our arborist is familiar with problems commonly found in central Oklahoma.

Our annual tree service offers four rounds of treatment to fertilize your trees and shrubs and keep them pest and fungus-free. Plant health involves a holistic process, which begins with plant and site selection. Acenitec recommends a 4-visit-per-year program in which monitoring and cultural recommendations and proactive practices can minimize the need for supplemental fertilizers. When appropriate, Acenitec will apply timely applications of macro nutrients and micro nutrients. Your plant specialist will identify and treat for common fungal conditions when needed. Certain conditions may even require laboratory analysis to determine what must be done.

Worried that your favorite tree has a problem? Our experienced arborist is familiar with all types of tree ailments common in Oklahoma, and will work to provide remedial and preventative plant health services. With a free visit to your property, our specialist will diagnose and provide an estimate for one or more services appropriate for your unique landscape. Call us today to discuss your specific needs at (405) 942-6321.

Acenitec OKC arborist providing Tree Service