Lawn Aeration: Allowing OKC Lawns To Thrive

Beautiful yards are created by engineering the best growing conditions – and lawn aeration is key to making this happen. Acenitec’s core aeration opens soil, allowing roots to thrive. Good roots lead to thicker healthier grass. Acenitec brings our superior lawn care, including aeration services to Norman, Edmond and the greater Oklahoma City area.


Do I Need To Aerate My Lawn?

You don’t have to aerate your lawn as long as your roots and turf are healthy, but the soil conditions in Oklahoma often call for regular lawn aeration. Many areas in Oklahoma City and across central Oklahoma have extremely fine-textured clay soil. It easily compacts and this prevents needed oxygen and gas exchange in plant roots. Our lawn aeration service relieves the pressure from compacted soils, letting oxygen, water and nutrients penetrate throughout the root zone.

When Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Acenitec’s lawn aeration is generally performed in the spring or fall, and can improve your lawn’s health by optimizing root development. It can also help reduce water usage, which is important with hot Oklahoma summers. Performed annually, core aeration significantly improves turf growth.

acenitec lawn aeration truck

How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?

How often you aerate your lawn depends on your soil conditions and how you use your lawn. Different soil types call for more frequent aeration. More frequent aeration is recommended if you’ve got compacted or clay soil, which is very widely the case in most neighborhoods in Edmond, Norman or OKC. For these areas we recommend aeration at least once a year. We also recommend annual aeration if your lawn is impacted by heavy foot traffic or equipment use. In areas that have dealt with drought, or have been neglected, aerating twice a year can help turf growth. Planning landscaping? Aerate your lawn as part of the process and give the new landscape a leg up.

Lawn Aeration Methods

Our preferred method is core aeration. This method loosens the soil beneath the surface of your lawn and creates channels for air, gases, and nutrients to penetrate through to the roots. Our experts take utmost care of your lawn by using a machine with hollow tines to remove actual plugs, or cores, of soil. There are multiple methods available, including some DYI-aeration methods and machinery that you can buy at the home improvement store. But properly aerating your lawn without causing damage takes some skill. So, if you are in doubt, call us for a free consultation. After aeration treatment, it’s important to continue good lawn care practices such as proper fertilizing, mowing and watering to keep up your beautiful lawn.


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