If you’ve ever seen first-hand the destruction termites cause, you know that termite prevention and treatment are not to be taken lightly. Acenitec’s commitment to complete termite solutions means that we only use only the absolute best system available, and that system is Sentricon®. Sentricon® solves the problem, but what causes it?

How Termites Infest Your Home

Termites build their colonies underground, creating mud tubes that hold in moisture so their bodies don’t dry out. The colonies, similar to bees and ants, have different levels of members, including workers, swarmers, soldiers, reproducers, and of course, the queen.

Swarmers look different than their fellow colonists, as they are the only ones with wings and darker-colored body. Their job is to start new colonies. Seeing swarmers in your home unfortunately doesn’t mean termites are headed your way; it means they are already there.

wood damaged by termites

What Makes Sentricon® Superior?

Sentricon® works by providing a lethal food supply that the termites share with their colonists and queen, killing the colony in its entirety and eliminating the problem at the source. Sentricon® is effective on its own without additional sprays or products and has been evaluated by 30 universities and third-party tests, including thorough testing by the U.S. Forest Service. Its results are long-lasting, complete, and totally eliminating.

Unlike other termite treatment methods, Sentricon® service won’t make a mess of your home or harm your family or pets. Acenitec can provide the service with little to no drilling and minimal liquid chemicals, ensuring a completely termite-free environment for years to come.

Acenitec has provided pest control solutions to Oklahoma City since 1947, and owner Gary Roberts trusts Sentricon® as the basis for his business. “We use Sentricon® for a number of reasons, including relative simplicity of both installation and monitoring, environmental friendliness and safety, superiority of termite colony elimination over elimination of individual termites, cost advantage to property owners, convenience to customers, and proven efficacy.  Sentricon even has a written pledge of colony elimination from DowAgrosciences.”

Sentricon® Is Trusted by the Best

The Statue of Liberty and the White House both count on Sentricon® for termite protection. Oklahoma’s own National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum uses Sentricon® to protect its irreplaceable exhibits. This technology is superior and absolutely reliable.

The pest control professionals at Acenitec know how much your home means to you and are proud to provide Sentricon® as a complete termite solution. Contact us today for a free estimate.