Core aeration offers many benefits to lawns all over the OKC metro area

Oklahoma’s famous red dirt can make for beautiful lawns, but the fertile clay soils common to our state can also bring a host of problems. Fine-textured, dense soils with high clay content often don’t drain very well and can turn soggy when wet or rock hard when dried out. Clay also tends to be more alkaline (acidic), which is tough on grass and plants. When clay soil is too compact, sub-surface air, water, and nutrients cannot move freely, causing stress on your lawn and making it more prone to disease, weeds, and insects.

Core aeration is the optimal solution

The optimal technique for Oklahoma’s heavy clay soils is the “plug” or “core” aeration method. You might be familiar with common tillers or spike methods for aeration, but simply driving spikes into your lawn can actually make the soil compaction problems many Oklahoma lawns face even worse.

What is core aeration?

Core aeration loosens the soil beneath the surface of your lawn and creates channels for air, gases, and nutrients to penetrate through to the roots.

Trained experts take utmost care of your lawn by using a machine with hollow tines to remove actual plugs, or cores, of soil. This creates holes ½ to ¾ inches in diameter at set intervals throughout your yard, which may sound excessive, but don’t be alarmed – Acenitec’s service experts are trained in many lawn care services, including core aeration.

man performing lawn core aeration
Core aeration can be done by hand, but Acenitec has taken care of lawns all over the OKC metro for over 70 years.

What are the benefits of core aeration for my lawn?

Ultimately, core aeration leads to thicker, healthier lawns and healthier grass. It offers many benefits, including:

  • Higher oxygen levels in soil
  • Lower acidity in lawns
  • Stimulated root growth
  • Natural weed decomposers are enhanced
  • More efficient use of fertilizers (in fact, core-aerated lawns often need only half the amount of water required by lawns that have not been aerated)
  • More efficient use of water (you’ll see less water run-off, fewer puddles, and better handling of heat and drought)

When should I have my lawn core aerated?

Cool Season Grass: Late Fall

If you have cool season grass, late fall is a great time to have your soil core aerated so that it can recover prior to winter dormancy.

Cool Season Grasses:

  • Ryegrass
  • Bluegrass
  • Fescue

Warm Season Grass: Late Spring

Warm season grasses do well with late spring aeration.

Warm Season Grasses:

  • Bermuda
  • Zoysia

Acenitec offers core aeration services throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.

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