We’re kicking off our “Prevention” blog series this month with tips on warding off some of the most common home intruders: ants. They can file in through doors, windows, and even the tiniest crevices, causing headaches and frustration when they just. won’t. leave. While several resources exist for tips on how to treat ants and other pests, this series is aimed at helping you proactively prevent various critters from ever setting foot in your home.

These are the biggest ant-attracting culprits:


open trash attracts ants




pet food attracts ants

Acenitec is more than happy to eliminate ants for you should they become an issue, but taking some easy preventive measures can keep ants at bay before they invade your home.

  • Seal cracks in baseboards and windows with caulk
  • Make sure any food not kept in the fridge is in airtight containers
  • Sweep kitchen floors and take out the trash as often as possible
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • Quickly and thoroughly clean all spills
  • Be cautious about family members eating in bedrooms and other areas of the home – this increases the chances for crumbs and spills to go unnoticed
  • Consider keeping your sugar in a container with an airtight lid
  • Throw out rotting fruit
  • Keep pet food and water dishes clean and if possible, don’t leave them out when not in use
  • Keep trees and landscaping trimmed away from the home’s foundation and exterior

Remember, if it’s too late for prevention and you have an ant problem that cannot be solved with do-it-yourself methods, we’re here to help. We can treat your home to eliminate the problem at the source. Contact Acenitec’s team of professionals today.