Acenitec is proud to announce the release of our new product, Soil-Maximizer. This organic lawn care method combines the benefits of liquid aeration with thatch reduction, resulting in a beautiful, healthy yard that can bounce back even after the hottest Oklahoma summers. With Soil-Maximizer, your lawn typically costs less to maintain and makes your neighbors green with turf envy!

If you are still on the fence, here are our top five reasons why we think your lawn will love this treatment.

1.  Soil-Maximizer is a Safe Liquid Aeration Treatment

Soil-Maximizer is an organic-based, plant-derived system designed to provide water retention and aeration throughout your lawn. It’s safe to use around children and pets, as there are no harmful chemicals that could cause sickness if they ingest the grass post-treatment.

Natural plant extracts provide beneficial bacteria. This ensures that your lawn has a healthy food source throughout the year without the synthetic compounds that can cause damage over time.

Additionally, since the system is biodegradable, there is no residual build-up from the product. The application is meant to break down over time with proper watering, which is a good thing! Natural breakdown reduces the risk of burning sensitive lawns and creating nutrient imbalances.


2.  Soil-Maximizer Doesn’t Damage Your Lawn or Sprinklers

When most people think of aeration, they imagine the traditional core method. While we recommend this method for many lawns, improper application by untrained users can result in damage to your sprinkler system heads.

Depending on your yard, core aeration may be the best method, but it does take time and care to make sure the aeration is done correctly. Liquid aeration, on the other hand, can be used on all types of turf and will not damage your sprinklers.

Additionally, you will not see the unsightly cores of soil that core aeration leaves behind. No flags are needed to mark sprinkler heads or other items that stick out of the turf. Instead, our experts will determine the right mixture for your lawn and apply a precise application based on your grass type and the season.

A sprinkler head is shown in the foreground

3.  Microbiomes are Essential for a Lush Lawn

Many of us think lawns are simply ornamental. The truth is your grass and more specifically your dirt is an integral part of our ecosystem. One of the science lessons many of us learned in grade school revolves around the factors of a healthy ecosystem. You may even remember drawing a chart where you showed how predators, herbivores, plants, and the sun interacted with one another to create life cycles.

At the very bottom of that lifecycle is soil. Without microbiomes, dirt cannot create a healthy environment for plants like grass to grow in. Scientists have found that microbiomes play an essential role in creating healthy soil that allows plants to extract the nutrients they need.

Since Oklahoma soil typically has substantial amounts of clay, the lack of microbiomes can mean the difference between a healthy, lush yard and a brown, patchy parcel of land. Just as you need probiotics for a healthy gut, your lawn needs microbiomes for healthy grass. Soil-Maximizer gives your dirt the microbiomes it needs to create a healthy ecosystem for your grass.

4.  Soil-Maximizer Helps Provide Long-Lasting Results

Core aeration is an excellent choice if you want quick and immediate results. However, the benefit of liquid aeration is that it provides continuous benefits over an extended period. When used in conjunction with our 6-Step Lawn Care Program, Soil-Maximizer can increase turf rooting, improve resistance to disease and pests, and reduce the amount of water grass needs to survive in the summer.

By increasing the turf rooting, you will see results that last for years to come as the soil and grass continue to improve with each application. Soil-Maximizer can also be applied as a rescue measure when Oklahoma experiences extreme drought conditions–something traditional aeration methods can’t do.

A girl gives her little brother a piggyback ride in a lush backyard

5.  Save Time and Money

Let’s be honest here: who has time to go out and painstakingly flag their yard to ensure their sprinkler system and other lines aren’t damaged? What about raking and slicing after mowing to ensure the thatch buildup doesn’t impede aeration and nutrient application?

Those hours of upkeep can start to feel like a waste after a while. Soil-Maximizer, however, doesn’t require flagging, won’t harm ornamentals, and reduces thatch, so you don’t have to rake as often, ultimately saving you time. After all, spending a weekend afternoon playing in a gorgeous backyard sounds far more enjoyable than manually flagging, aerating, and removing thatch buildup.

If you are like us, you could also use a break on your water bills, especially in a summer drought. Our liquid aeration program can help you reduce watering requirements, resulting in a rich turf that can cost far less to maintain than traditional methods. In the long run, you’ll also spend less money on the applications than you would for traditional core aeration.


Don’t let summer ruin your landscape. Acenitec’s Soil-Maximizer liquid aeration program can give you a lush lawn that bounces back summer after summer. Contact us for a complimentary estimate and inspection of your property!