Are These Bugs Harmful to Dogs?

Certain pests can be dangerous to our furry friends, especially if they get bitten, stung, or ingest the bugs. If your dog is showing signs of illness or if you suspect that your pet has eaten a potentially harmful bug, you must take your dog to see a vet where an ultrasound scan might be required. You can learn more about ultrasound scans for pets here: Above all, performing an ultrasound scan often allows your vet to determine the cause of any illnesses being experienced by your pet. So, that being said, which bugs are harmful to dogs and which ones shouldn’t be cause for concern?

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Don’t Fret Over These Pests

Grasshoppers, flies, moths and termites – no big concern for dogs

Although it’s not pleasant to see your dog chowing down on a grasshopper or catching a fly, for the most part, insects like these won’t cause him any harm. Just think of them as a little extra protein in Fido’s diet.

Don’t worry too much if your dog likes to eat the occasional grasshopper, fly, moth, or even termite (although, in the event of a termite sighting, it’d be wise to check into Sentricon ®).

June Bugs Can be A Slight Concern for Dogs

June bugs are common in Oklahoma, and while they aren’t toxic or harmful to dogs, consuming several may upset a dog’s gastrointestinal tract and lead to vomiting or diarrhea. “Eating too many June bugs can cause intestinal blockage because their shells aren’t digestible,” the veterinarians at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society advise.

Are Stinging Insects Harmful to dogs?

Stinging insects like bees, wasps, and scorpions affect animals similarly to how they affect humans. If your dog gets stung, they may have an allergic reaction with swelling at the site or excessive drooling. However, dogs actually lack the biological response where the throat can close up, so any reaction should be mild and pass soon. After one sting, hopefully your dog will learn to leave those pests alone.

Beware of These Bugs

Bugs that feed on feces can be harmful to dogs

While most bugs are generally harmless to dogs, certain insects can be fairly toxic and can lead to bigger issues like parasites if they come into contact with your pet. One way to protect your dog from these is by getting one of these secure ready made dog kennels.

Did you know? The more colorful the insect, the greater likelihood of toxicity to your pet.

Same goes for plants!

“Look out for insects that feed on feces, like crickets, cockroaches and grubs,” warn the vets at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. These types of bugs can cause stomach worms. Fleas can cause tapeworms in animals and mosquitos can carry heartworm, so make sure your pet is up-to-date on his vaccinations. Plus, medication like Drontal Allwormer don’t exist for no reason.

Is Milkweed poisonous to dogs?

Caterpillars are especially dangerous to dogs. Monarch butterfly caterpillars eat milkweed, which contains a substance that can poison dogs and harm their hearts. Other caterpillars like the Slug, Asp and Gypsy moth varieties appear hairy or spiny and can also be toxic to pets, causing intestinal problems and painful internal reactions.

Keep a close watch on your pet and contact your veterinarian should yours come in contact with or ingest a spider. Venomous spiders like black widows and brown recluses can cause dogs to become seriously ill.

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Acenitec Cares

We love our furry friends, too, and we care about yours. Sometimes, preventing our pets from chasing and eating bugs is not possible, but if you’ve suspected your dog is having an allergic or internal reaction, call a veterinarian immediately.

Remember, Acenitec uses pet-friendly insecticides for your home. If you’ve got bug issues, contact us today for a free estimate.

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